Isobel Souter from Yorkshire.
Married George James Moone.
Lived in London N.W.10.

Below their sons and daughters





Louise Moone maiden name (Plant) lived in Crisp street Poplar London E.1 before marrying my father.




Jim Moone full name James,William lived in Steele Rd Harlesden London N.W.10 until he married my mother.

Jim and Louise Moone

As far as I know my father and the rest of the family moved from Steele Road to Willesden Green and from there to Rucklidge Avenue, Harlesden, N.W.10. My father's brothers were George, Fred, Harry, Arthur, Bill, John (Bonzo) and his sisters were Girlie, Dolly and my aunty Lil who is the last remaining one of the family and lives in Northampton.

Ater my mother and father married they lived in Stonebridge N.W.10. and then moved to Barretts Green Road, London, N.W.10. Lower Place, they raised four children their, myself (John William) along with my brothers James George, Roy and Ron.


James George is the eldest son of Jim and Louise. He married Pat they had two children both girls Beverly and Jackie..


Pat Woodman lived in Charlton Rd, London N.W.10 Pat and Jim were in the same class at Wesley Rd school N.W.10..

James George married Pat Woodman
Jim and Pat got married when Jim finished his two years national service. He was in the R.E.M.E.


Roy second son to Jim and Louise. He married Barbara they had two children both girls Debbie and Nichola.


Barbara Woodman lived in Charlton Rd London N.W.10. Sister to Pat above that is how she and Roy met.

Roy married Barbara Woodman
Roy and Barbara got married after Roy Finished his two years national service he was also in the R.E.M.E. Sadly Roy passed away in 2007 he was aged 73.


Ron third son to Jim and Louise he married Sheila they had two children the eldest a boy Brian and a girl Tina.


Sheila Frances lived in Felixstowe Rd Kensal Rise London N.W.10.

Ron with second wife Joan, they lived in Woodley, Berkshire.
Joan was from Reading met Ron when she worked in Woodley.
Ron and Sheila were devorsed in the seventies, both re-married but Ron got devorsed again. He had a son by his second wife Joan named Iain.
Brother Ron and Iain's dad
Second youngest son to Jim and Louise Moone
Ron now lives on his boat (a big one) which is birthed at Cavisham Marina Nr Reading, Berkshire


John William (that's me) the youngest son of Jim and Louise. Married Irene we had two children a girl Karen Louise and a boy Lee Jonathan.


Irene Norton lived in Olive Road Ealing London W.13 We met in the dance hall at the White Hart Acton W.3 and got married sixteen months later.

John William married Irene Norton
After we got married we lived in Acton Lane Harlesden London N.W.10. Three years later bought a house in Woodley Nr Reading Berkshire. A few years later moved back to London Ealing W13. From there we moved to Ruislip Middlesex. Now retired our final move was to where we are now Chatteris Nr March in Cambridgeshire.




Left to middle

John, Roy and





Middle to right

Jim, Jimmy and


We have never had a family photo taken where all of us are together so in the above photograph I put in a church background and added individual photos of us to it to make up what you see.
In this section I'll be showing photos of some of my father's brothers and sisters.

My Aunt Girlie - Aunt Doll and aunt Lil

On the steps of their house in Rucklidge Avenue




Left to second in

My dad Jim, my uncle Jack who was married to my aunt Girlie (her real name Caroline Jane)




Third and forth in

My uncle Arthur and my uncle Harry. I have no photos of my uncle Bill.


The above photo was taken in Rucklidge Avenue N.W.10. They were going on a club outing the name of the club was "The Half Moon Club" No I didn't miss the "E"

The first one in from the left is John Treen Cousin Barbara's husband Second one in uncle Arthur third one in uncle Harry Forth one in is Uncle Fred Fifth in John Longstaff aunt Dolly's husband behind him Ron my cousin Maureen's husband.

The sixth one in is Stanley Bryant aunt Lil's husband The seventh one in is Stan's brother Ron. On the bottom row from the left is uncle George and next to him is Jack Mold my aunt Girlie's husband and on the end is my uncle John (Bonzo) and my dad Jim &


The Moone famly having a party

Missing are my dad Jim uncle Bill and Harry
Uncle Arthur & Aunt Doll's wedding
2nd in from the left Aunt Girlie 3rd in from the right uncle Fred
My dad's brother John (Bonzo)
My uncle John worked at the BBC
Aunt Lil with her great grandchild Tori Leigh
Aunt Lil is now 85yrs old and lives in Northampton
Sadly aunt Lil passed away peacefully in her sleep in the earley hours of Monday 27th June 2011. She was loved by all and will be dearly missed.




From the Left

Aunt Lil, uncle Arthur and aunt Girlie.




Unfortunately I have not got any photos of my aunty Doll.

My aunt Lil and aunt Girlie lived in the same house as my father's mother (Isobel Moone) in Rucklidge Avenue N.W.10. My uncle Arthur lived a few doors away with his wife aunt Doll, her real name (Alice) and two children Maureen and Barbara.
Aunt Girlie.
Aunt Lillian.
Second one in ant Girlie
Third one in aunt Lil
Aunt Girlie (Caroline Jane) married Jack Mold and lived in Rucklidge Avenue N.W.10. Aunt Lil married Stanley Bryant who lived in Steele Road N.W.10. and played football along with my eldest brother Jim for Steele United.




Third from the left Elaine.




Second in from this end aunt Lil.

Aunt Lil at her daughter Elaine's wedding
Aunt Lil's son Raymond
Raymond married Nikki
Raymond is a firefighter




This is my aunt Doll (Alice Weymouth) my uncle Arthur's wife.




This is her grandson Mark my cousin Barbara's son.

Aunt Doll and uncle Athur had two daughters Maureen the eldest and Barbara who I keep intouch with.
Aunt Doll and daughter Barbara with her son Gary from Ireland
Gary and his family Johnny, Daniel, Charlie and Annie
Cousin Barbara with her mum, son Gary and his family. Photo taken 2007
Cousin Maureen.
Aunt Doll's Daughters
Cousin Barbara.
Maureen who's husband Ron (seen in the group photo above) sadly passed away, now lives in Borehamwood Herts. Barbara who I am constantly in contact with and with who's help supplying most of the image material in this forum would not have made it possible to have such a visual effect, for this I am truly grateful.
Barbara's husband John Treen.





Cousin Barbara now Barbara Treen.

It was approximately forty five years before Barbara and myself made contact with each other quite by accident. My niece Debbie e-mailed me a telephone number regarding someone who wanted to know if we were related, my brother Roy was to ill to deal with it. At the same time my eldest brother Jim was in Hospital, his second wife Molly gave me their telephone number so I could find out how he was. Thinking I was phoning Molly I phoned the wrong number. The person on the other end knew of a Molly but not the one I was looking for so we hung up. I eventually contacted Molly, then after I put the phone down I started to wonder what this other number was. So I rang it and after conversing with the person for a while woe and behold it was my cousin Barbara whom I hadn't spoken to for 45 yrs. Barbara and John live in Basingstoke.
Barbara and John's sons.




From left to right Gary,Richard, Mark.

The above photo was taken at Richard's wedding in the year two thousand.
John &Barbara's House
Basingstoke Hampshire
John and Barbara moved into the house ealier this year 2008
John & Barbara
Holiday in Spain
John and Barbara's son Richard & wife Liz
Their son and daughter Matthew and Annalise
Mark's son David with pround nan Barbara on his graduation da
David and sister Georgia graduation day 30-10-2008
Georgia at twenty one years old
Richard's daughter Annalise Christmas 2007
This part of the forum covers myself and my family.
My wife Irene.
Myself John.
This is how we look to-day 23/10/ 2008. We have two children Karen and Lee.
Our daughter Karen.
Our son Lee
Karen is married to Dean Langton they have three children Jade, Coral and Matthew. Lee is married to Jane Bingley they have two children Megan and Charlie.
Lee's wife Jane.
Karen's husband Dean
Jane is from Hammersmith W.6. Dean is from Colnbrook Middlesex.




Karen and Dean's children







Jane and Lee's children







And grandad in the middle




Jade is the eldest, Coral and Matthew







Charlie and Megan

In the photo below are my cousins Hazel and Barbara.
Cousin Hazel.
Cousin Barbara.
Hazel is the daughter of Elizabeth Moone who's father Henry Charles Moone was my granfather's brother. Aunt Girlie was cousin to Hazel's mother and were also good friends. Girlie was a bridesmaid at Elizabeth's wedding. Hazel lives near cousin Barbara in Basingstoke. I thank Hazel for putting the record straight.
In this final section I'll be speaking about my dad's father, his name was George James Moone. His father was George James Moone It was said by my grandfather that his dad looked very french (something like Poirot the french detective)


What I am about to tell you came from what my father Jim and aunt Lil told me. Grandfather George James married Isobel Souter from Yorkshire. He had a business in Park Royal N.W.10. on the land (which he owned) where the Heinz factory has been for many years. He had a big house in Steele Road N.W.10. and raised a family there. He invented the screw on stopper with the rubber washer that was on top of beer bottles. He sold the patent to a beer company which made him a rich man. Whilst he was working on some machinery the machine was started by someone and he lost his arm. This did not stop him expanding the business. He went into the rag-a-bone and scrap metal trade. Paddington Basin was where the canal barges used to come in and moor up (park) with all the scrap on board grandad would sought out all the rags bones and metal then sell them on to a big scrap merchant. Business was good, he would take my nan to the Ascot Races, she would be dressed in the finest of clothes and wore fancy hats. He had a box at Ascot situated near the Royal Box. Grandfather owned a pony and trap (equivalent to a Rolls Royce by to-days standards) He drank in two pubs in Park Royal, the one he always went to first was the Plumes Hotel and then he would go onto the Grand Junction Arms Lower Place. It's funny because when I was 18 going on 20 and not knowing of my grandfather's habits at that time, both the pubs mentioned were my regular pubs right up until I moved to Woodley Berkshire. One day I was in the Junction ( I was about 20 at the time) this elderly man came up to me and said "Your a Moone are'nt you" "Yes I am " I anwered. His name was Teddus he was in his 80s. He asked me did I know of a George Moone "Yes he was my grandfather" I replied "Well your grandad and my father used to drink to-gether in the Saloon Bar of this pub and one day I was outside because I was not old enough to go inside. In those days the toilet was outside and I needed to go. When I entered the toilet there was a wallet on the floor. I picked it up and went to the Saloon Bar door, poked my head inside and called my father out and told him of what I found. He said to me "There is only one person in this pub with that kind of money in his wallet and that's George Moone" My father went back in the pub and straight up to your grandfather and said "George are you missing anything" he felt around his clothing and replied "Yes my wallet" "Well my boy has just found it"my dad said. With that your grandfather said to my father "Take me to the boy" They both came outside and your grandfather took the wallet and oponed it. My father said "Heh George you've no need to check up on the boy" "I'm not" he replied. There was £100 in the wallet, he took £50 out and gave it to me and said "If you was'nt so honest I would have nothing, take it" so I did. Later my father took the money off of me and told me when I was old enough he would give me it back so I could start a business of my own. When I became of age my father gave back the money which I used to open a greengrocer shop. I landed up owning four shops which I handed over to my sons. This was all down to your granfather's generosity" With that Teddus insisted in keeping me in drink until it was time to go. I went home out of my head.

Grandfather Moone got mixed up with the wrong kind of people that eventually done him out of all his money. My grandmother told him he was dealing with the wrong type of people but he chose to ignore her. Understandably he fell into a depressive state of mind. My nan not knowing, the cleaner they had used to pawn my grandads suit and put it back at a later date. There was one time when he said to my nan "who's been down the pockets of my suit?" My nan told him "No one" How he knew was, he always put the armless sleeve in the jacket pocket, at this particular time it was outside the pocket. He went up to my mother and ask how young Jimmy was ( my eldest brother as a baby in a push chair) "Fine" she said. He went on to say "You take good care of him Louie" with that he kissed my mum and my brother Jim on the head. My mum said it was a thing he had never done in the past. He then said "Good-bye Louie look after yourself" and walked off. No body heard or see him for days. His body was dragged out of the River Thames somewhere near Barnes and Mortlake. He filled his pockets with stones went to Putney Bridge and threw himself into the River Thames. My uncles had to go and identify him, how they knew it was him was because he only had one arm. ( Only give to those you trust ) J.W.Moone. 24/10/2008.

My grandfather George James's sister Jessie Moone
Born 1877 died 1955 she married Charles Roberson in 1896 They had seven children 5 girls 2 boys
Jessie and Charles outside their greengrocer shop in Paddingto
The shop at Sale Place was just off Pread Street.
Jessie and Charles were pearly king and queen of London in the early 30's.

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