Roy sadly died today (25th March 2007) at 9am with his wife barbara and daughters debbie and Nicola at his bedside.

Roy was always known for his good sense of humor and his love and devotion for his family.

Also in the wake of his death are his brothers Jim, Ron and John (the youngest). He was noted for being a great sportsman in the field of boxing and was a keen admirer of the boxing world.

It will be a great loss to me (john) who admired his athletic abilities from an early age who inspired me throughout my life.

Roy is now reunited with my mother and father who are now together in spirit.

May he rest in peace.

Gone but never forgotten.

Roy as a young boy was raised up in a small comunity called Lower Place where everybody knew everybody and went to school at Lower Place Primary where he soon engaged in the sports activities such as football, swimming, cricket and boxing to which he liked most of all. His boxing skills developed when he changed schools. Wesley Road Secodary Modern School prooved to be where he and brother Jim launched there love for boxing by being selected to represent the school. They both did very well beating all there oponents localy and in the county of Middlesex

When Roy left school he got a job in an engineering firm in Park Royal, where I began my career when I left school. It wasn't long after that he was called up to join the army. He went in the R.E.M.E the same regiment as brother Jim. After he completed his basic training Jim got him transfered to his barracks at Woolwich. It wasn't to long after that he put in for over seas duties where he stayed until his national service ended.

Back in civvy street he soon began to make up for lost time, going out with his mates and having a good time.Most of the girls in Lower Place wanted to date him, but he wasn't ready for that just yet (not saying he didn't go out with girls because he did but not on a serious note)

After Roy found himself a job on the building in the Power Station at the top of our road, he took up boxing again a long with Jim, he talked me into joining the Hammersmith Boxing Club but I was never to be as good as my two big brothers. I recall one time when Roy was training hard for a forth coming fight, Alan Mackay our trainer said to Roy "We need to speed you up bit I want you to spar with your brother John" I was lighter than Roy and had a very fast left jab.We both got into the ring and started to box, I caught Roy on the nose with two good left jabs he responded with a left hook which knocked me out, I came around with a wet sponge in my face. I shall never forget that feeling.

Jim married Pat and Roy her sister Barbara (Babs) they lived at Watford near the football ground,then after some years moved to live next to Pat and Jim in Dunstable Beds

In his retirement Roy took pleasure looking after his garden which always look like a show peace. He also was a master at d.i.y everything had to be done to perfection.

My tribute to Roy is you would never find a more nicer guy on this planet who had the greatest sense of humour. He was honest and genuine and would do nobody any harm. A wonderful husband to his lovely wife Babs and would do anything for his daughters Debbie and Nicola. His grandchildren adored him and they could do no wrong in his eyes. In all the years I've had the honour of being his brother never a cross word was spoken.

In the last momments of his life he said the words "I'm going to a nice place. I'm going to see my mum and dad"

Sleep well my brother you will never be forgotten.

Above our house in Lower Place LondonTN.W.10. where we were brought up, opposite the four brothers together, Jim 58, Roy 56, Ron 53, John 50. This is a rare one.

The photo above was taken in the seventies

Roy with his mates from left to right Harry French, Freddie Arnold, Johnny Wilson, Reggie Della, Roy Moone, Peter Kibble

The photo on the left is the four of us brothers together top left Jim, Roy, bottom left Ron and John the photo was taken at the Park Royal Hotel on my 50th birthday 1/6/1991

Roy lost his love for life but his memory will remain for ever.

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