The last known front view of Lower Place School

Acton Lane bridge before they put in a metal bridge - which got known as the "Red Bridge" later by the locals

Lower Place allotments taken from the canal with Lower Place and Acton Lane Power Station in the background

This is Joe Mortimer sitting on the wall outside his house No 11 Disraeli Road in more moderner times. The pillar in the sketch is not present in this photo

Lower Place from the air before the houses were demolished to make way for a factory estate

Miss Gearing played a big part in the mission

Lower Place nursery 1918

Lower Place infants 1921

The first shop on the right was Sophie Kempster's Greengrocer

shop next to that was Keeches the bakers and the Post Office

Universal Stores was better known as Bonniface's shop

opposite was Stygles to become Eddies Greengrocer shop


Park Royal Bakery (Keeches ) and Post Office next

to it was Sophie Kempster's Greengrocer shop

Joe Kempster outside his house in Barrets Green Road the

front room was a Greengrocer shop run by Sophie Kempster

Above Roy's head to the right is Bob Policot's shop - and to the left of that is Sam and Ciss Smith's pie eel and mash shop

A bombed house in Disreali Road

Children being evacuated to Wales

Corby Road coronation party

Acton Lane Power Station 1900's - Notice this side of the canal still fields

The Grand Junction Arms in 1961 before modernisation



For those that lived there it will always have a special place in their hearts

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